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Our purpose is to bring people together throughout the Hudson Valley who are ready to start doing something about climate change. Or getting closer to being ready. We offer information, community, rewards and positive experiences to everyone who wants them. Climate change is profoundly serious and responding to it should be profoundly satisfying, exciting and fun. We'll help you get started and when you're ready we'll have suggestions about what to do next.

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All for Love

I went today (Thursday 3/10) to my first coaching session with my friend Elizabeth Browning. She's an absolutely brilliant, intuitive and deeply affirmative acting coach and, how to call it, life-transformation facilitator. you can check her out at her website).

Simple and Complicated

From one perspective the unfolding story of climate change is really simple: Through an accident of phsyics* the primary energy source fueling the life we've collectively been living has profoundly disrupted the once stable equilibrium of our planet's climate. So, oops, really. And the immediate future is also simple. As General "Buck" Turgidson says in Dr.

Big and Little

When I imagined ice an inch thick coating roads and powerlines and buildings in the Midwest, when I saw the graphic of the Australian cyclone making landfall, I had an experience of the immense power involved in the water and the air and the ceaseless seeking after equilibrium. And I felt the disparity of scales involved. If there's ice an inch thick coming, we can't do anything to protect our powerlines, if we're still there when the storm comes ashore, all we can do is hide in a windowless room.

How to do this

I’ve spent days writing prose for the website and it has been rough. Rough because I was trying to make it sound all official and “professional,” like I’m the United Way or a school district or something. And I’m not. I’m one guy trying to make this happen and I’ve got lots to do besides produce perfect copy. My authentic voice will make the writing faster, simpler and more fun and I’ll like the results a lot more. I’m passionate about these issues, a little bemused and overwhelmed and I long for community and teamwork.